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NYC PR Group was founded in 2007 as an exclusive referral Public Relations boutique firm that expanded into a full-service digital marketing agency.

We focus on our clients needs, designing marketing campaigns that nurture, convert, and delight their targets, transform brands, and grow businesses.

Over the years, we’ve built up an impressive portfolio of innovative projects and a strong team of marketers who are guided by vision, driven by talent, and measured by results.

We uphold the highest level of expertise in managing brands online presence, distributing digital content, promoting social channels, optimizing new media resources, and working with online key influencers.

Get your personalized Digital Marketing Package and a Landing Page

We are excited to officially announce the launch of our revamped website.

We have partnered with a savvy and innovative team of designers, and developers at LIMIT8 to completely redesign and re-brand our website, adding new tools and services for small and medium-size businesses.

FAQ - What kind of customers do you work with?

While the digital marketing industry has common practices spanning across multiple platforms and tools, our Small/Medium Size Business digital marketing solutions provide customized service packages for a variety of businesses with multiple requirements.
Businesses differ in goals and guidelines, target audience, unique operational structures, products or services, and competitors. All these objectives require different tools and platforms to develop a winning digital media marketing strategy.

NYC PR Group successfully developed tailored digital media integration roadmaps and solutions for Real Estate, Luxury, Consumer Goods, Information Technology, Travel, Health Care, and non-profit organizations.

Please contact us to discuss a customized digital marketing solution for your business.

How long does it take to develop a solution?

Turnaround time depends on each particular project.  Creative services, including branding, web design, and development, normally take 7-8 weeks from the initial meeting to beta launch. For more information regarding the web development process and timelines, we recommend visiting our partner’s website: www.limit8design.com

We acknowledge the fact that our client’s needs are unique and specific to the industry, company size, and business goals.  In order to meet their business requirements, we offer the following service packages:

Ideal for small businesses. It’s provided on a month-to-month basis.

Best Value. Ideal for small-to-medium size businesses.
Requires a 3-month commitment.

Ideal for medium-size businesses. Requires a 6-month commitment.

What are your team's capabilities? Do you outsource your services?

NYC PR Group partners with LIMIT8 to deliver projects that involve complex application architecture, technical, and design skills. Our combined team consists of Digital Marketing Specialists, Business Analysts, Account/Project Managers, a Web Technology Lead, a Creative/Marketing Director, Usability Engineers, Web Designers, Web Application Programmers, and Quality Assurance Testers.

We do NOT outsource our services. Period.

Digital Media Strategy

– Social Media Marketing
– Digital Communications
– Social Media Campaigns
– Social Advocacy Programs
– Social Influencer Marketing
– Social Video Marketing
– Social Advertising
– Social Analytics & Reporting

Content Marketing

– Marketing Automation
– Content/Blog/Story Development
– Content Optimization (SEO)
– Content Distribution
– Content Automation & Integration
– Email Campaigns
– Video Content Development
– Video Content Marketing

Creative Services

– Web Design
– Web Development & Integration
– Web Project Management
– Website Maintenance
– Training
– Branding & Art Direction
– Branding for Social Networks
– Infographics / Presentations
– Annual Reports

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