What is the next Web FUNtier?


How do you envision the next frontier, or perhaps more playfully, the next FUNtier?

Imagine a world where we are free from gadgets and Wi-Fi connections. The Web will surround us like air, a digital tier on top of reality, any place we choose. Every object, every structure, every product of your imagination will come alive with interactive possibilities.

In the next few years, we will be entering the new digital frontier. This will be an era of explosive marketing creativity and innovations enabled by wearable technology and augmented reality.

The impact of this development will be profound – perhaps more overpowering than the Internet itself. The way we learn, discover, connect and entertain ourselves will be dramatically altered.

And it’s all based on the basic human emotions – there is almost no limit to humans wish to have fun. In fact, we would rather play games and have fun more than anything. This will be an era of marketing without boundaries and it be fueled by a marketing emphasis on fun and immerse experience.

The innovators of the next marketing frontier will be creating fun and entertaining experiences for their customers. Like every other marketing phase, early adopters will succeed and those late to the game will follow. Perhaps five years from now we will be talking about “Fun Generation” and the world will enjoy new and vast opportunities to interact.

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