Travel Industry Marketing Techniques.

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How to boost conversions through new ways to engage the new connected travel consumer.

If your Travel Concierge business is losing to competition, please consider the following points:

  • Personalization and re-targeting: How are you talking to your customers? Are you re-engaging your customers, focusing on a destination budget or trip creativity?
  • Are you keeping abreast of the concepts, trends and basic language you need to know to make sense of the online marketing trends and not get outbid by your competition?
  • How Mobile is changing Search: OTA’s mobile booking platforms are fast becoming the first place consumers’ start their search journey. Is Google losing out?
  • What’s your Brand Story? A look at how digital tools have made it easier than ever for brands with a personality to tell their story.
  • Fragmentation in LATAM. Are you building the right partnership?
  • Content Marketing: dynamic content personalization, mobile content – what content should you use, and when?
  • Social Media essential update: From social media ROI to data migration: learn what has changed and what you need to know.

We suggest to Get Great Content that Will Go Viral: The way to achieve ROI with social media marketing is to have your customers spread content on your behalf. People want to share content that is remarkable. Develop content that consumers will piggyback off of. In the travel advisor world, this could mean content that is amusing or inspirational. Create content that offers travel tips to your audience or dream itineraries; something they will want to plan and share with their friends. As a travel advisor, you have access to amazing experiences you can share with the world. Focus on how to turn those experiences into amazing content and make it easy for your audience to share.

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