10-Point Checklist to an Awesome Website

A 10-step roadmap to creating a better website experience

Web and mobile technologies have radically altered the way we communicate and conduct business.

We have been specializing in website design, web application development, Graphical User Interface (GUI) creation, marketing and information technology (IT) consulting for over 10 years. Our focus has always been on building and enhancing our clients brand presence – both in digital and traditional media – by following a clear, strategic path of research and understanding, planning, and development for effective execution and results.

Our team has successfully delivered projects to a wide array of global clients in the real estate, telecommunications, law, health, education, retail, fashion industries, the arts, personal services, international affairs, and not-for-profit organizations.

We would love to share our expertise in building truly interactive, user-driven experiences.

A 10-step roadmap to creating a better website experience:

  1. Research competitors and targets.
  2. Make a list of functional and content requirements.
  3. Develop architecture including wireframes and interactive templates.
  4. Provide content revisions, and develop a clear content strategy.
  5. Create visual profiles and brand identity.
  6. Get the best developers to work on your project.
  7. Follow Quality Assurance standards for creating effective A/B-testing procedures.
  8. If you’ve done it right, the deployment is a breeze.
  9. Launch the website.
  10. It’s time to shift the focus to SEO and Maintenance.

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