About us

Our History

Founded in 2007, NYC PR Group initially functioned as a specialized referral-based Public Relations firm, later evolving into a comprehensive digital marketing, and website design and development agency. Our expertise lies in crafting digital strategies, and immersive experiences to rejuvenate, protect, and transform brands.

As a website development and design agency, we recognize the importance of seamless integration for enhanced functionality. We specialize in providing custom integration development solutions tailored to unique needs, whether it involves linking your website to an e-commerce platform, event management software, non-profit fundraising software or other essential tools.

Our Clients

Leveraging our enterprise-level expertise, we empower clients with cutting-edge tools and resources, enabling them to maintain a robust online presence, effectively promote their products and services, and successfully compete in a fast-changing economy.

Our dedication to excellence extends throughout every aspect of our business, as we adhere to best practices in all operational facets. Committed to fostering long-lasting relationships, we seek to build partnerships that bring tangible value to our clients.

Our Team

The Group is versatile and cross-functional, combining diverse talents and skills. This collaborative approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions, adapt to evolving client needs, and consistently excel across various projects. We focus on fostering the professional growth and development of our team, nurturing an environment that encourages continual excellence and innovation.

Our team brings together a range of skills, from creative digital marketing experts who excel in crafting compelling campaigns to strategic thinkers well-versed in developing and implementing effective digital strategies. Additionally, our web design and development professionals bring technical prowess to ensure that the online presence we create is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust.

By blending these skill sets, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond conventional marketing approaches. Our goal is to understand the intricacies of each brand we work with, tailoring our services to meet their specific objectives. Whether it’s enhancing brand visibility, increasing online engagement, or optimizing website functionality, our mission is to contribute significantly to the overall success of our clients in the dynamic digital landscape.

Our Mission

At NYC PR Group, our mission is to serve as a strategic partner for brands, offering holistic solutions that seamlessly integrate digital marketing, digital strategy, and website design and development. We distinguish ourselves through a diverse skill-set and a commitment to aligning our goals with the unique needs of each client.

Our commitment extends beyond excellence in operations. We are also dedicated to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and the continuous professional development of our team members. We actively seek to make a positive impact on the broader community and strive to create a workplace that fosters growth and learning.

What our clients saying

“NYC PR Group delivered. We got more than 450% traffic on our website after three months of collaboration.”
“I highly recommend Ellen and her team for their dedication and knowledge of the Real Estate industry and Digital Media Marketing. NYC PR Group have advised and assisted Broadway Realty team over the past 10 years. They are very professional and know latest trends and techniques. Their marketing knowledge is superb. They conduct their business in a highly ethical manner and their guidance, knowledge, and experience are always appreciated.
“It has been a pleasure working with NYC PR Group. Ellen is an exceptional digital marketing professional who knows how to get the results. Her team’s level of expertise helped my business to achieve social media exposure in a short period of time and helped my customers to find professional services they were looking for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NYC PR Group, because they know what on-line marketing is all about.”
“NYC PR Group was instrumental in helping us with the product vision, developing the brand, designing the digital marketing strategy, and building the Web presence at the time. We feel confident that we were getting the best advice and service on how to maximize our digital marketing strategy. We’re happy to recommend NYC PR Group.”
Fredi Brodmann, Brodmann Blades / Hit Mit
Fredi Brodmann
Creative Director at Brodmann Blades / Hit Mit
“NYC PR Group has been managing our digital marketing services since 2015. Our company’s ROI increased an average of 250% per month over that period. We see steady progress in inbound traffic and a great response to our email campaigns. Not only is the NYC PR team highly knowledgeable about the digital strategy and best digital practices, but they are also very professional and fun to work with. NYC PR Group always stays one step ahead of its client’s needs and can anticipate exactly how to strategically achieve all of our business goals and objectives. NYC PR Group is the company that I highly recommend.”
“NYC PR Group developed a digital strategy for and helped us create road-maps, and identify our BEST prospects.”
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